Tibet holds a vast and flourishing science of herbal and naturopathic medicine practice, which also includes healing modalities such as meditation, mantra, and so forth, elsewhere typically considered spiritual practices.

Menpa (meaning “doctor of Tibetan medicine”) Kunchog is originally from Rakong, in northeastern area of Tibet known as Amdo, the birthplace of HH Dalai Lama XIV. This region is a stronghold of Tibetan culture, and in particular of the practice of traditional Tibetan medicine.

    Menpa Kunchog’s education encompasses all of Tibet’s healing modalities.

    Regarding his education, Drs. Yunying, Tamdringya, Geshi Jiumey Tsodri, Lama Jamyang, Menpa Jiumey Rangdrol, and Ake Tenko trained him in traditional Tibetan medical texts during his M.A. studies in Tibetan Medicine at Qinhai Medical College (China). Dr. Tsedra supervised his two-year apprenticeship at Henan Mongolian & Tibetan Hospital (Henan Xian).

Menpa Konchog has also completed a Masters of Tibetan Medicine at Qinghai Tibetan Medical College, as well as multiple shorter apprenticeships with other esteemed practitioners of Tibetan medicine. Complete credentials are available upon request.

    Since his arrival in the United States, Menpa Kunchog has supplemented and expanded this extensive training with Masters studies in acupuncture and other disciplines at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, where he is expected to matriculate in April 2019. He is also an instructor of Classical Tibetan Language at Columbia University.

    In the United States today there are relatively few practitioners of traditional Tibetan medicine, and even fewer who do so in a large public practice with proper legal certifications. Our office is exceptional in this regard. While Menpa Kunchog has many longstanding patients from the Tibetan and Chinese communities, in recent years his practice has grown to include many Western patients as well. The office is here for everyone.